Important notice

With the volume of people likely increasing with the stay at home order lifting, the risk of exposure is likely to increase as well. We are looking at ways to keep everyone safe but we are also going to start getting back to normal with billing.

Please click here to review the Community Kids Learning Center COVID-19 Parent Agreement.

Here are some safety measures we will be starting the week of May 26th:

1. Have a strict 6ft policy in the office by having squares on the floor for signing kids in and out starting at the entrance. You may need to wait outdoors for high volume pick up times, but we will do our best to avoid this.

2. While picking up or dropping off a child(ren) only one adult should accompany the child(ren).

3. Include a sanitation station as a step in the sign in/out process.

4. Add a temperature checkpoint in the sign in process for children and staff.

5. Require a mask for anyone in the office area, including employees and parents/guardians.

6. For high volume pick up and drop off times (typically 7am to 5pm), have parents/guardians wait in the office for their child(ren) to be brought to them. For low volume pick up times (5a-7a, 5p-11p classroom employees and parents/guardians wear masks for pick up/drop off interactions.)

7. All payments need to be done over the phone or entered manually. Cash payments must be exact or credited to the account (no change given) and put in the payment box.

Starting June 1st we will be going back to normal with our billing procedure.

1. Holding fees will be applied. In order to terminate without holding fees being applied, you will need to notify the office by noon on Wednesday the 27th that you wish to terminate child care.

2. After two weeks of holding fees the child(ren) will need to be scheduled or they will be terminated.

3. We will be requiring the 10 hour a week and 3 hour per day minimums.

Additionally, please see below for safety/health practices we have implemented in the classrooms:

– Face masks must be worn for any food prepping, cooking, and/or serving.

– No sensory play (Water tables/sand/playdough)

– No soft, not easily cleaned items

– Try to encourage 6ft social distancing as much as possible (specifically at meal times and naps)

– Use bleach water instead of the sanitizer as we can- This is to be remade daily

– No family style serving

– Keep groups that don’t typically combine separated as much as possible (specifically outside)

Below are health/safety practices we already follow but are following more strictly:

– Toys/Materials sanitized if put in mouths or in contact with bodily fluids

– Rooms sanitized daily (high touch points, bathrooms, toys, shelves)

– Have children wash hands immediately upon entry, at meal times, during toileting/diapering, if moving from outside to inside, or contact with bodily fluids.

THANK YOU in advance for helping us keep everyone as safe possible. Please ask the office if you have any additional questions.