BELOIT—Community Action, Inc. of Rock & Walworth Counties is expanding its programs to include a Young Adult Center in Beloit. The new center will be housed in the Eclipse Center, near Community Action’s current Beloit offices.

The 7,000 square foot expansion will house a gym, recording studio, and kitchen area, in addition to office space and classrooms.

“We see a clear need for programs that engage teens and young adults,” says Cecilia Dever, executive director of Community Action. “Within the past few years, we’ve added mentoring programs for young men and women, expanded our Fatherhood Initiative and launched the Transitional Jobs program. The popularity of these programs requires us to add on to our space in the Eclipse Center.”

The kitchen will assist with providing meals for the mentoring program. The mentoring program meets after school, and includes dinner for the students. Before the expansion, dinner was purchased and/or provided through partnering churches. The kitchen will allow greater variety, while teaching food service skills to youth involved in the Beloit Fresh Start program.

The Center will serve the dual purpose of accommodating social interaction as well as educational and job training programming all in a safe and supervised environment.

The Young Adult Center is expected to open January 1, 2017.