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W.R.A.P.–Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program– is administered by the State Department of Administration and intended to provide financial assistance for rent, security deposits and wrap-around services for eligible households who have experienced income loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

Update 6/11/2020:

We are processing pre-screens as quickly as possible. If you provided an email address in your pre-screen form, please watch for a follow-up from WRAP (
Be sure to check your spam filter, too!
Thank you!

Update 6/5/2020:

In collaboration with the Department of Administration through the CARES Act, Community Action, Inc. of Rock & Walworth Counties is assisting households who are struggling with paying rent due to an income loss because of COVID-19.

In general, applicants need to be a Wisconsin Resident with a household income at or below 80% of the county median income (CMI) in the month of or month prior to the application date. Households at or below 60% of the county median income (CMI) will be prioritized for assistance.

The following situations will not qualify for this program: Assistance needed for Section 8 or Public Authority Housing, mobile home lot rent and mortgage payments.

Community Action will review applications and provide assistance to eligible families on a first-come, first-served basis. This program will end once the funds are used.

If you reside in a county outside Rock or Walworth, please click on the following link to find a service provider in your county:

If you need help completing this form, please call (608) 313-1337 (Rock County) or (262) 728-8297 (Walworth County).

Please read all information carefully before submitting a W.R.A.P. pre-screening.

Click here for a printable version of these instructions.

Only one screening may be submitted for each household.

This pre-screening will assist Community Action, Inc. (CAI) staff in determining eligibility and the specific documentation needed to complete the W.R.A.P application.

Step 1: Submit a pre-screening. Use the link below to fill out the form electronically (preferred). You may also apply by phone or in person if you do not have internet access.
Rock County: 20 Eclipse Center, Beloit (608) 313-1337
Walworth County: 1545 Hobbs Drive, Delavan (262) 728-8297

Step 2:  CAI staff will process your pre-screening and notify you by phone or email what additional information must be provided to proceed with your W.R.A.P. application.


  • Photo ID for the primary applicant
  • Copy of lease/renter verification form
  • Verification of all income for all members of the household for the full month prior to applying
  • Proof of financial loss due to COVID-19; layoff notice, unemployment application, reduced hours, etc.

Additional information can be provided via email, over the phone, or in person.
Income Attestation — signed by applicant  Word Doc  PDF
Renter Verification — completed by landlord for all applicants  Word Doc  PDF
Vendor Landlord Agreement — completed by landlord if not already an approved vendor with the State of Wisconsin. Landlord only needs to provide ONE form regardless of the number of tenants receiving assistance. Staff will be able to verify if landlord needs to complete this form.  Word Doc  PDF

Step 3:  If you are determined eligible and your landlord is not already an approved vendor with the State of Wisconsin, s/he must provide a completed Vendor Landlord Agreement.

Step 4:   If approved, payment is mailed directly to your landlord.

You are NOT eligible for W.R.A.P. if

  • your rent is not past due
  • you are receiving a rent subsidy from another federal source such as Section 8
  • your monthly household income is over 80% of the County Median Income
  • your income was not adversely affected by COVID-19
  • you own your own home
  • you do not complete a full application and provide required documents

Click here to complete the W.R.A.P. pre-screen form for your household.