We are pleased to share two recent success stories from Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless.

Maria came into Twin Oaks after staying in a motel on a motel voucher from another organization. Maria became homeless after an abusive relationship caused her to be evicted. While at Twin Oaks, she worked temporary jobs and was able to focus on her physical and mental health needs. She was able to connect with doctors and now has regularly scheduled appointments to help with her needs. Maria was able to secure her own apartment upon completion of the sixty-day program.


Neil, Tara, and Neil’s son, Adam, became homeless when family members kicked them out. They had been staying in their vehicle and then in a motel with a motel voucher before coming to Twin Oaks. Neil had a part time job and Tara was just starting a part time job. While at Twin Oaks Tara got a full time position so they were able to save more money. Through the Rapid-Rehousing Program, they moved into a two-bedroom home in Milton and Tara was able to transfer to a location that is two blocks from their new home.


To learn how you can become part of success stories like these, please visit our “Ways to Give” page or call Twin Oaks at (262) 882-3662.