Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust many families into a state of uncertainty, unsure of where to turn when they suddenly can’t afford their rent, utilities or food.

During these challenging first six months of 2020, we’re proud to say Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless has remained open for our neighbors in need. It wasn’t easy. We self-quarantined, substituting phone calls and emails for face-to-face contact with our case manager and staff. A few residents lost their jobs when their employers shut down. With many offices closed in our area, residents struggled to connect with medical appointments, housing, child care, transportation and unemployment benefits.

Staff supplemented the shelter’s usual family-friendly space with games, toys, puzzles and art kits to keep both children and adults occupied while quarantined in their rooms. Twin Oaks became a hub for distance learning as students completed their classes online at the shelter.

To limit the exposure to COVID-19 for the safety of residents and staff, one Twin Oaks staff member even agreed to live at the shelter during the state’s “Safer at Home” orders.

Twin Oaks Shelter remains open thanks to your support. Our shelter is the only 24/7 shelter in Walworth County serving families. In 2019, we guided 166 people on their pathway out of poverty. That number includes 65 children. Our shelter operates thanks to the generosity of our friends and neighbors in Walworth County.

Rather than ask local businesses and organizations to sponsor an event, we’re asking our partners to directly sponsor families. Click here for more information about sponsoring a family at Twin Oaks and the benefits for your organization. When times are tough, we are thankful we can count on people like you.

We appreciate your consideration,

Marc Perry
Executive Director
Community Action, Inc.


Elizabeth Knapp-Spooner
Community Programs Director–Housing
Community Action, Inc.


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