Jasmine is a 21-year-old who was enrolled in the Teen Pregnancy Connection (TPC) program. She has a toddler son and was also pregnant with her second child. Jasmine had been enrolled in the TPC program for several years.

While enrolled, Jasmine hadn’t always been in contact with her case manager, or with her Workforce Investment Act (WIA) case manager.

In May of 2013, Jasmine came in to speak with her WIA Case Manager to discuss why she had not kept in contact. She said she lacked transportation and housing and those things were stressing her out. Her WIA case manager reminded Jasmine that she was still enrolled in the TPC program and that she should start connecting with her TPC case manager. Jasmine said she would try to but she did not know if she still wanted to be enrolled in the program. The program manager sent a Jasmine a letter informing her of the upcoming workshops and that incentives would be offered.

Jasmine started attending groups and also established a relationship with her TPC Case Manager. Jasmine made a complete turn-around in the TPC program. Jasmine attended every group and stayed in contact with her case manager. If she was not able to attend the TPC group she called her case manager to confirm. She also called her case manager about personal struggles in her life.  She told her case manager she wanted to get back to work as soon as she could after she had her second child.

Jasmine has grown tremendously since she had been enrolled in the program.