Staff in Beloit Fresh Start believe everyone deserves a second chance at success. For Liliana, joining Fresh Start was just what she needed to graduate from high school.

Liliana completed the rigorous interview process and was accepted into Fresh Start in August 2014. When she entered the program, she was quiet and soft-spoken. Up until then, her high school attendance was sporadic and she was disengaged with her classes, teachers and the high school atmosphere. She chose to hang out with her friends instead of attending classes.

Coming to Fresh Start changed her outlook and her goals. Liliana set a record for Beloit Fresh Start by being the first student to complete the program with 100% attendance. She earned the AmeriCorps Rudy Award for perfect attendance.

“Coming to Fresh Start I felt people cared and wanted the best for me so I then wanted the best for myself,” she says. “I knew they wouldn’t give up on me so I didn’t want to give up on myself.”

Through the PRIDE leadership team, Liliana played a huge role in service learning projects. She completed construction certification, along with numerous other certifications. She was able to receive her diploma in June with her graduating class. She is currently working  as a dietary aide and continuing her education at First Class Cosmetology School.

Liliana showed perseverance and strong commitment to her educational goals. In order to attain Liliana’s level of success, you have to truly want it. Liliana truly wanted it.