After owning two unreliable vehicles that broke down constantly, Darnell was paying to carpool and walking to and from work for more than two years. Prior to the Work-n-Wheels vehicle loan approval, Darnell, his wife Kissa, and their eight year old daughter would walk in the unpredictable Wisconsin weather get groceries, go to the doctor and do other errands in Walworth County. Many areas of Walworth County lack public transportation, adding to the challenge. They learned to budget their time and resources in order to make one big trip out. Most all of their extra money was going just to traDarnell WnWnsportation for basic everyday needs.

One day a friend of Darnell’s in Walworth County referred him to Community Action, Inc. He went home, looked us up and read about CAI Work-n-Wheels program via the website. We received his application in February of 2016 and  by April of 2016 he was driving a reliable vehicle. During the application process Darnell had demonstrated the ability to understand and maintain his expenses and worked to properly budget his income. When Darnell received his tax refund he realized he could invest a bigger amount down on a vehicle and take out a smaller loan in order to maintain his budget and still manage save a little for a rainy day.

“It’s like a dream because all my stress has been relieved,” he says. “My car is so smooth and reliable. I never thought this would be the case.” He is looking forward to paying it forward in order to help others like others have helped him. Darnell thanks the staff for giving “great, reliable advice” during the process of the loan.

“I am glad that I had someone say to me that it’s ok to look around and don’t feel pressured to buy the first car you see.” That allowed him to be sure he was investing in a reliable vehicle for his family instead of purchasing too quickly just to have something. “I’ve prayed before, but now this is perfect and unbelievable. I prayed and believe you all are like angels to me.”

Although life will always be as unpredictable as the seasons here in Wisconsin, Darnell and his family are proof that hard work, patience (and a little faith!) has certainly paid off for them.