BELOIT, WI (4-30-15)

Community Action, Inc. of Rock and Walworth Counties is pleased to announce that the Women’s Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation is supporting a new mentoring program with a $3,500 grant.

Community Action staff formed the Young Women’s Mentoring Program to mentor, teach, and encourage teenage women at Beloit Memorial High School. The program was launched in February 2015, and is modeled after a similar, successful mentoring program for young men, started by Community Action staff in 2014.

“The Women’s Fund is pleased to support this pilot project of collaboration with Community Action and the Beloit Memorial High School to mentor teen girls a few years from high school graduation,” says Sandra Kincaid, co-chair of the Women’s Fund. “Most impressive was the combination of one on one mentoring and specialized curriculum to help make wise decisions about continuing education, employment and life choices.”

Program participants receive education in financial literacy, budgeting, health, and nutrition, all aimed at reinforcing positive decision-making throughout all aspects of their lives. Additional programming will focus on driver’s education and leadership development, which will include volunteer opportunities, employment coaching, and college tours.

“Our young ladies will benefit dearly from the generous grant given by the Women’s Fund,” says Community Action Program Manager Nicole Pfundheller, who manages the mentoring program and receives referrals to the program from Beloit Memorial High School Staff. “I am extremely grateful for the contribution and am excited to work together to help build strong young women.”

About the Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation began operation in 2012 as an endowed fund to inspire, empower, and support women and girls through research, collaboration, advocacy, and pooled resources. The goal of its grant-making program is to support new ideas of service providers to fill gaps and emerging needs not covered through traditional funding sources.

About Community Action

Community Action is a 100% local, not-for-profit organization, operating a broad spectrum of community programs aimed at preventing and reducing local poverty in Rock and Walworth counties. It operates the Fresh Start program, offers child care, at-risk youth programming, health care, senior benefits counseling, homeownership programs, affordable housing units, home weatherization and rehab, assistance in dealing with a housing crisis, food for area pantries, and shelter for the homeless.