Governance Committee

The CAI Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the Board. The committee is responsible for recruiting new Board members and ensuring that each is equipped with the proper tools and motivation to carry out his or her responsibilities.

Committee Description
The Governance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors. Membership shall include at least three (3) members of the Board of Directors and two (2) community members. The Chair of the Committee must be a member of the CAI Board of Directors.
Officers of the Board are not eligible to Chair the Governance Committee.

Committee Responsibility

  • Prepare annual assessment of board composition and establish annual recruitment priorities
  • Review board recruitment materials and strategies
  • Meet with prospective candidates
  • Recommend candidates to the board for election at the annual meeting
  • Recommend a slate of officers for the board for election at the annual meeting
  • Orient new board members and oversee ongoing education to enhance board member knowledge
  • Facilitate an annual board self-assessment
  • Ensure compliance with Board Diversity Policy
  • Oversee election of low-income board members
  • Ensure compliance with statutory rules regarding board membership
  • Serve as the Grievance Committee for any formal grievance against the Board Chair

If you are not already a Community Action Board Member but would like to join our team, please send an email or call 608-313-1300.

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