Community Action works with law enforcement, school districts, non-profits and local governments to offer workplace diversity and inclusion training. Our agency has earned awards from local organizations for our commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

We believe in a level playing field:

A level playing field is a concept about fairness. A metaphorical playing field is said to be level if no external interference affects the ability of the person to compete fairly, to succeed. Despite efforts to bring greater access and opportunity to our community, too many individuals — especially low-income, ethnic and cultural minority individuals — face greater systemic impediments when striving to succeed. Discrimination and disparities still persist; the playing field is not level. Our mission is to create access and opportunity; to eliminate external interference or barriers, and in effect, level the playing field.
Be Community Action!
Our workplace diversity training curriculum incorporates:
  • The cultural competence continuum
  • Managing workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Microaggressions training
  • Implicit bias training
  • Tips for creating an inclusive classroom
  • Implicit bias training for law enforcement
  • Team/trust building
  • Follow-up, coaching, mentoring
If your organization is interested in learning more about our training sessions, please call (608) 313-1300 or email
 Check out a video featuring Community Action staff members talking about the impact of race on their daily lives:

Suggested reading:
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