The Sharing Garden Program is made up of several gardens in Beloit’s Merrill Neighborhood:

Porter Avenue Sharing Garden
This is our biggest garden, located at 1322-1328 Porter Avenue. In this garden we focus on providing beauty and nutrition through herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This year we have a variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, greens, herbs, melons, and berries!

Pumpkin Garden
Our pumpkin garden is located behind 1264 Porter. This is a seasonal garden just for pumpkins. Look for our pumpkins at a community event this fall!

Perennial Garden
We are now accepting donations of any and all perennial ground-cover and flowers! The goal for this garden is to act as a kind of neighborhood nursery, in which neighborhood residents can come and pick out their favorite plants and we’ll help transplant them into yards.

For more information, contact Kaelyb Lokrantz at (608) 313-1328.